Yearling Preparation


We have successfully been preparing yearlings for 8 years under the name '5 Star Yearling Preparation'. For three years we were the largest preparers at the PGG Wrightson South Island Standardbred Sale of the Stars. 


We strive to produce the best mannered and best presented horses at the sales each year, and ensure each yearling reaches its full potential while in our care


Check out our modern facilities, where we prepare your yearling to its fullest potential while ensuring your horse is safely looked after


To ensure we can show off each yearling at its best on sales day, we box our dark-coloured horses during the day to prevent coats from bleaching, and our lighter-coloured horses during the night.

Rotation works well for us as it allows each yearling time off the pasture, and gets them used to a routine simulating what may be expected of them in race barns after the sales. Each day (as necessary) they are exercised on the walker, groomed and generally tended to. We believe in giving every horse the hands-on attention it deserves, always making sure feet, teeth and wormings, are maintained regularly. We feed only the best Prydes feeds as part of a monitored diet for each horse. For us a strong, healthy horse starts on the inside first; an approach that pays off come sales time and onwards into their bright futures. 

Having your yearlings as part of the larger Ripple Creek draft has a lot of benefits. The horses get into a good routine, learn socialising skills and develop independence. Applying our specialist experience, we make sure that each horse stands out from the crowd.  Ripple Creek is a full-time professional equine operation, and we get the right buyers through the gate.


We pride ourselves on our innovative marketing strategies and have adopted all forms of media for marketing your horses, including Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.  We have superb in-house photography and videography, and each year we produce a quality printed brochure with our draft cataloged and described by Trent in a few honest words.  

Visit our Archive of past Standardbred Yearling Sales Drafts


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