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Agistment and Rehabilitation

At Ripple Creek we can offer comprehensive agistment and rehabilitation facilities for both young stock and racing stock. 


We have 30 acres of pasture fully fenced with EquiFence, which we believe is the safest product on the market. There is a range of paddock options and sizes allowing horses to either let down or stay in a routine. We have 10 large rubber-lined boxes, an 8-horse walker as well as an 800m training track and jog frame. Each horse is cared for around the clock, and we offer a range of options to suit individual needs


The property is fully irrigated for quality pasture all year round, supplemented by only the best Prydes Feeds to ensure your horse looks as good as it feels.


Trent has years of experience in rehabbing horses with injuries and horses post-surgery. We use Rangiora Vets who are based five minutes away from our property, so we know our horses are always in safe hands.


Contact Trent today to discuss your agistment or any equine rehabilitation needs.


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