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Read what people have to say about Ripple Creek and our equine services.

It’s great to see Trent taking the big step to expand his standardbred support services, moving to a new and larger property in Ohoka. As a client for both Yearling Prep and agistment, I congratulate Trent and Sarah on their new property and enhanced facilities, and the much needed faith they show in the future of our sport.


If you’re looking for a temporary or long term home for your horse, through any of the various stages of the life and times of a Standardbred, you should have a chat with Trent about what he has to offer.


I chose Trent to prepare some yearlings for us a couple of years ago, based on prior results at the Sales, and endorsements of his work by respected trotting people. We had fun, and better than expected results in the ring. Trent also took over the agistment of a young filly for us, one that had not really thrived in the larger environment at a big stud farm. I now rate that filly a good chance of making an early 2yo, thanks in no small part to Trent’s care and personal attention.


Honesty, effective communication, hard work, and overall an intelligent approach – in my view these are critical to enjoyment and success in harness breeding and racing. Trent offers all of these, and now the resources to deliver an even better service. We wish him all the best and trust he gets the support he deserves.


Kevin Stanley

Sydney, Australia

Trent was recommended to me on this basis that his experience in preparing a yearling for the sales was second to none. 

He is a natural horseman who isn't afraid to think outside the square and challenge the status quo. 

One of his greatest strengths is his communication which is a massive asset when dealing with bloodstock and making informed decisions. 

He has the knowledge and the facilities to give your investment the best opportunity to succeed and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Trent to anyone looking to graze their broodmare of prepare their yearling(s) for the sales!


Brad Reid, NZSBA Executive


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