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Welcome to Ripple Creek

We are a multi-functional equine services operator based in Ohoka, North Canterbury, where our core business is training standardbred horses for Harness Racing.

Trust, honesty and integrity serve as the foundations of our business: guiding principles that extend throughout the organisation to our horses, employees, suppliers and clients.  Values we adhere to every day in our team approach, animal welfare practices, business decisions and communications. 

Join us on our journey, and share in our successes. We can’t guarantee every post’s a winning one, but there’ll be plenty to enjoy and take pride in along the way.



 Harness Racing Training & Pre-training
Standardbred Yearling Sales Preparation
Horse Agistment & 

Racehorse Ownership

At Ripple Creek we were racehorse owners before we established an equine business. We know how rewarding it is watching our own horses perform on the track


There’s nothing like the feeling that comes when we see our young stock develop and transform into strong, mature racehorses, nor the sheer satisfaction when that winning moment arrives!

Our owners are our valued clients, and we don’t take any aspect of your investment with us for granted.  We aim to have the best transparency in the business through effective communication practices; and the highest levels of trust by demonstrating our integrity and respect for others.

Visit our racehorse ownership page for more information.