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Ripple Creek this Week: 15 April 2021

After a quiet couple of weeks on the racing front, we have three horses entered at Rangiora on Sunday 18th April (all-weather track).

Reiniminpatron starts in Race 4 the Country Feasts Mobile Pace. John tailed the field at his last start in a front runner’s race and never got into it. He’s pleasing us in his work and about where he needs to be to give them a shake if he can get handy from the second row. He’ll benefit from the run regardless.

Shady Ruler steps out in Race 8 the Gulliver & Tyler Pace. She’s a good beginner and drawn 6 we’re looking for a forward run in her first start since January. If she can find the markers she’s quite up to featuring in the finish. No star but honest as the day is long.

Shady Ruler on her day at Motukarara back in December.

To Race 9 the Betavet in Conjunction with Rangiora Equestrian Trot, and Majestic Action goes round again. She’s been taken off the Unruly list but still stuck on the second row. Molly always impresses at home, but on race day has been hampered by difficult draws in big fields and her share of bad luck. Training well and a happy horse at Rangiora whenever working there, a top run will not surprise us.

Matthew Williamson drives all our runners at Rangiora.

Yesterday we started three unraced horses in workouts at the Rangiora Trials, Gavin Smith and Ben Hope helping us out with the driving.

The Biblically-named Theopneustos, a 3yo He’s Watching gelding, was a bit overwhelmed by his first public appearance. Just there for the experience, he hit the line okay and will probably go for a short spell as he develops further.

We’re happy with Ron McKinley who got things right after galloping at previous outings. He finished strongly and is coming on. Carolina Moon was checked and lost any chance to show us anything on the day.


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