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Adam finds his Garden of Eden

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

When we retired one of our stable favourites recently, we had a built in rehoming solution. Four race winner Adam Patron now enjoys life on ten acres in West Melton, a willing riding horse for family members of our senior stablehand Anna Jerard.

One of the most agreeable horses we’ve ever had at Ripple Creek, Adam (Changeover - Anita Patron) has taken the transition in his stride. “He’s so quiet and has been easy to teach,” says Anna, an experienced rider.

At the stable one day, Anna and her colleague Sarah decided to give their fave a test. “We both got on him, just bareback, and he hardly flinched”.

From that point Anna’s mind was made up. With her own horse at home needing a paddock mate, and Adam’s tractability already known, his future was secured.

Anna admits to always having a soft spot for Adam, and that feeling has only been enhanced with family involvement. “My boyfriend Peter had hardly ridden until we got Adam home,” she says. “Adam’s perfect for novice riders. He’s quickly learned about traffic and Peter is gaining confidence with every ride on him.”

At Ripple Creek we and our owners do our very best for every horse retiring from the stable. It’s an important aspect of racing, and we commit to helping find new homes when our charges leave us for good.

Some go on to success in the show ring, some go trekking or become farm hacks. Others like Adam enjoy a more laid back retirement: giving pleasure to new owners, their friends and family while living the good life after racing.

Adam Patron
Adam Patron returns after a win at Addington


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